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    Beginning End total miles Miles per mile Lodging, etc Travel
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    - Please attach all receipts to the back of this form.
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    Proposed Journal Entry:
    Balance Due to Employee
    *All meals and entertainment costs should be separated from other costs.
    Also: Please write the business purpose on each receipt (& proj. # if applicable). Travel Expense
    For example: If you're eating while out of town on business, write the name Meals and entertainment
    of the town you're in. If it's a business meeting, write the purpose of the meeting Company credit card payable
    and the people in attendance.
    Employee Advance
    Accounts Pay. - Employee
    I hereby certify that I have incurred all the expenses above on behalf of the company, and that they are directly related to and/or
    associated with the active conduct of the company's business.
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